sports and art are far too often mutually exclusive from one another. we decided to put together a project each year to break that mold. in doing so, we are able to work with a handful of extremely talented local artists and give back to the community simultaneously.

we are in no way affiliated with the bills, so artists are tasked with conjuring their own styles and aesthetics to create limited edition pieces without using any trademarked team names, logos, mascots, etc. 

game tickets are now completely electronic. most sports art follows a similar art direction. in a world of cookie-cutter sports merch and apparel, we are offering a truly unique alternative- something you'll be proud to dust off to show the next generation as you reminisce over what was.

as a bonus hell yeah, we donate 50% of proceeds collected from individual print sales to local charitable foundations. we've been able to donate portions to the mental health advocates of wny, the family of ezra "pancho billa" castro, waddle's warriors, and black love resists in the rust. 

we get all of our printing done locally by our friends at buffalo big print. to date, we have shipped art made by local artists to 41 states, 4 provinces in canada, and 2 cities in england. we've proudly been able to get so many incredible local artists of different mediums involved while providing the foundations listed above with a helping hand, but we're far from the finish line. we wouldn't be able to give back the amount we do without the support of everyone who has purchased, liked, shared, retweeted, told a friend about the project, etc. and for that, we are forever grateful.

(go bills)